Version History

11/11/20081.0.0.0First version
13/11/20081.1.0.0 - Improved CPU usage with BaseStation.
- Accessing RadarBox database to display aircraft registrations instead of ModeS codes.
24/11/20082.0.3248.19872 Filters and Alerts added
1/12/20082.1.3257.20788 Feature to remember window position added
5/12/20082.2.3261.17644 - Vertical scrolling of text added
- Bug fix in Restore Defaults (not restoring all back to the default)
5/12/20082.2.3261.24532 Text displayed when scrolling vertically now aligned in columns
6/12/20082.3.3262.26488 - Option added to force display of ModeS even when flight number or aircraft registraton are available.
- Bug fix display positioning of dialogs when SquawkBox is minimised.
20/12/20082.4.3276.24210 Bug fix to ensure SquawkBox works with .Net Framework versions 2.0 and 3.0 as well as 3.5
16/01/20093.0.3303.20852 - Support for Google Earth added.
- Larger dialogs now centered on the screen.
27/01/20093.1.3314.16584 - Flight Levels added to the live and animated displays.
- Aircraft registrations added to the static, live and animated displays.
- Can now read the BaseStation aircraft database to get aircraft registrations.
- Better colour change response to changes to flights being level/climbing/descending.
- Configuration of Google Earth options; home location, colours, path labelling, transition altitude, path width.
- NavAids added for Canada, Japan and US states; Virginia and Georgia.
28/01/20093.1.3315.18211 Font size selection added for Google Earth flight labels.
31/01/20093.1.3318.24490 - Bug fix in column sorting of Last Reported Altitude.
- Better column sizing in Save Flights dialogs.
- Aircraft registration and average altitude columns added to Save Flights dialogs.
- Flight filter added to Save Flights dialogs.
- More NavAids added.
8/02/20093.1.3326.20290 Bug fix to WATCH_LIVE_UPDATE.kml to make it point at ~temp.kml rather than the old Live_update.kml
20/02/20093.1.3338.20030 - Retrying of opening of port 30003 communications to accommodate delays in BaseStation starting where SquawkBox is started before BaseStation.
- Trouble-shooting section added to ReadMe.txt.
- More NavAids added for USA.
30/04/20093.1.3407.19467 Display priorities introduced in Options for the scrolling flight information.
20/06/20093.2.3458.18822 Update to work with version 3.0 Beta as well as version 2.0.
(The software used to identify the AirNav window by looking for
"AirNav RadarBox 2009 - [" but now just looks for "AirNav RadarBox"
this should see it work with other versions).
25/07/20093.3.3493.19812 Special version to work with version 3.01 Beta.
27/07/20093.3.3495.15978 Modification to work with repeated "MSG,1" information sent by version 3.01 Beta.
30/09/20093.4.3560.26591 -Google Map display added for local viewing.
-Aircraft type and route added as options for the Google Earth outputs.
12/10/20093.4.3572.33233 -Own marker setup added to Google Maps.
-Z-Order implemented on markers and flights in Google Maps.
-Bugs involving international number handling corrected.
-Program compilation locked to x86 to get SQLite to work with x64 as well as x86!
-UK squawk code list updated.
27/11/20093.5.3618.18570 -Converted to v3 of Google Maps from v2 in an attempt to get the browser to use less memory. Unfortunately it seems that the v3 Google Maps API leaks memory as well. Hopefully this is an improvement anyway.
-Bug fix: Transparency scale on aircraft labels was the wrong way round.
-Bug fix: Previously contrails were always 60 seconds long and were not being set to the chosen dialog value.
30/11/20093.5.3621.24829 -Work on OwnMarkers for better positioning and display. Freedom to use other image sizes than 24x24.
-Bug fix: Display of aircraft label borders causing them to be thicker than requested.
06/01/20103.5.3658.20795 -Changes to make Google Map/Earth output work as a web service with IIS or Apache.
-Filters and Alerts now settable on ICAO Hex codes as well as Squawk Codes.
-Restore ALL program defaults button added to About box.
-Bug fix: Clicking Remove on an empty Google Map label grid position on Map options dialog previously caused a crash.
10/01/20103.5.3662.27750 -SQLite DLL updated to the most recent version (required for connecting to some BaseStation databases).
-Better handling for database connection errors and a more friendly error message in the event of an error.
-Bug fix: Change to auto-detect the RadarBox location now that the program install location changed from "2009" to "2010".
12/02/20103.6.3695.20567 -Clicking on an aircraft shows a photograph and full flight details.
-Cockpit view added using the Google Earth plugin.
-Bug fix: Aircraft registration and type not being relayed through to Google Map display properly.
22/02/20103.6.3705.22680 -Aircraft country of origin added to photo panel.
-Aircraft airline name added to photo panel.
-ICAO airport codes expanded on photo panel for routes.
-Bug fix: "Vias" now displayed for routes.
28/03/20103.7.3733.29466 -Initial Google Map type (road, terrain, satellite etc.) settable.
-Option to hide/show Google Map zoom & pan control and the map scale.
-Cockpit view window size configurable.
-Cockpit view horizon offset tilt setting, to see more of the ground.
-Cockpit view option to set daylight according to the computer's time.
-Cockpit view option to add real-time cloud layer.
-Option to open cockpit view without going via the aircraft photo panel.
-Remote connections and networking.
-Settable timeout for internet lookups.
-Bug fix: " - Network - Network" display problem in title bar corrected.